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The correct installation steps of the filter bag, you know?

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The correct installation steps of the filter bag, you know?

          The pulse bag filter is mainly composed of an upper box, a middle box, a ash bucket, a cleaning mechanism, an unloading device, and a control system. Dust-laden gas enters from the lower part of the middle box and is evenly raised by the deflector to reach the filter bag. Large particles of dust fall into the ash bucket after being collided. The dust is blocked on the outer surface of the filter bag. The clean gas enters the bag and passes through the bag mouth. And on the box, discharged from the outlet pipe.

          As the dust on the outer surface of the filter bag increases, the differential pressure monitoring system sends a signal when the resistance of the device reaches the set value. The cleaning mechanism starts to work. Compressed air is ejected from the pulse valve and injected into the filter bag through the injection pipe and nozzle. Instantaneous expansion and vibration of the bag causes the dust on the surface to fall out and fall into the hopper, which is discharged by the unloading valve. Timing cleaning or manual cleaning can also be used. The chambers of the pulse bag filter are cleaned in sequence, and the dust-removing chamber is immediately restored to the dust removal state.

          The filter bag is a key part of the operation of the bag filter, which is made of a textile filter cloth or a non-woven felt, and uses the filtering action of the fiber fabric to filter the dust-containing gas.

          Whether the installation of the filter bag is correct or not, which directly leads to the effective operation of the pulse bag filter, is a very important part. How to check the installation of the filter bag is correct? Let's find out together.

          Generally, the bag filter relies on the elastic expansion ring sewn on the filter bag to press the filter bag into the hole of the flower plate, and the dust box of the middle box body is strictly distinguished from the upper box body gas room through the flower plate. If the elastic expansion ring of the filter bag mouth is not completely closed with the flower board hole, a gap will appear, which will cause the dust-laden air flow directly into the net gas chamber, and the outlet of the exhaust pipe will be grayed out. You can check the installation status of the dust filter bag one by one, and find that the gap should be tightly sealed.

          During the installation of the pulse bag filter, the installation quality of the filter bag is one of the focuses of monitoring and inspection. The ironworks have improved the installation of the filter bag: a single ferrule is welded over each plate hole, the ferrule height is 30mm and it is concentric with the platen hole, and the single layer of elastic sew that will be sewn to the filter bag mouth The installation of the inner wall of the ring close to the ring not only ensures that the filter bag is highly flat and sealed, but also makes the installation and disassembly of the filter bag simpler.

          It can be said that during the actual operation of the pulse bag filter, it attaches great importance to the maintenance and inspection of the filter bag, finds problems, and handles it in time, which can avoid deterioration of the situation, save repair costs, and ensure that the filter operates stably and effectively.

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