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You must know the precautions for transport goods by ton bags

Air slide canvas

Air slide canvas

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the specifications between 10mm to 1600mm can be produced at any time according to user needs; more than 1600mm of special specifications to be agreed in advance.

You must know the precautions for transport goods by ton bags

Ton bags is a kind of soft and tortuous packaging container, which is a large volume transportation bag made of folding adhesive tape, resin processing cloth and other soft materials. Ton bags is generally polypropylene or polyethylene as the main raw material, extruded into film, cutting, drawing, and then weaving, cutting, sewing.

The use of this packaging, not only to improve the loading and unloading efficiency, especially suitable for bulk powder and granular cargo packaging, to promote the bulk packaging of goods standardization, serialization, reduce transport costs, but also easy to packaging, storage and low cost advantages.

Ton bag is a kind of large-scale packing goods, so if drop in hoisting, can cause serious personal injury or property loss. Therefore, before hoisting, must carefully check whether the strap is firm, generally speaking, suspenders is the key link in the process of hoisting. Where to achieve more than 5 times times the safety factor of the set bag, four rings in two or two of the rings in a certain load of more than twice times more than half of the tensile performance, that is afraid of two strap disconnect, the overall package will not have problems.

In addition, after the collection of bags full of goods, behind the people or other vehicles please try to distance as far as possible. The ton bag is specially suitable for the mechanization operation, is the storage, the packing, the transportation ideal choice, may apply widely in the cement, the fertilizer, the salt, the sugar, the chemical raw material, the ore and so on bulk material the highway, the railroad and the sea transportation packing.

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Airslide Fabric

Air slide fabrics are used for the pneumatic conveying of fine dry powdery products such as cement. The air slide cloth divides the air slide into upper and lower chambers. The chamber is inclined at as low as 1.5°.Compressed air is injected into the lower chamber which then goes through the media and “fluidises” the cement powder. The cement then behaves like a fluid and “flows” down the length of the chamber.


Airslide is a semi-permeable textile cloth which allows air to pass through but not the products.

Airslide Fabrics other names are: airslide fabric,air slide fabric,air permeable fabric,fluidising fabric,fluidizing fabric,air slide belt,air slide canvas,aeroslide,airslide membrane,aeration pad, aeration fabric.air slide fabric in shipping,air slide fabric for silos,chute bottoms.


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